About DCE

Desert Community Energy is the new public electricity provider in the Coachella Valley. We control it locally to provide cleaner electricity at lower rates, while reinvesting in our local resources. DCE is saving people money, developing jobs and clean energy programs, and putting our communities first.

Three Desert Cities—Palm Springs, Cathedral City and Palm Desert—came together to form a not-for-profit group that governs Desert Community Energy. DCE’s Board of Directors includes an elected representative from each participating city. All meetings are open to the public, ensuring that your voice is heard.

DCE is a Community Choice Energy program, sometimes referred to as a CCE or a CCA (Community Choice Aggregation). In 2002, Assembly Bill 117 was passed in California’s legislature, allowing communities to come together for the purpose of sourcing their own electricity, putting an end to the monopolies held by Investor Owned Utilities and putting people in charge of their own electricity supplies. Since then, nearly a dozen programs have been launched throughout the state, and dozens of others are in development.

Working in partnership with their local Investor Owned Utilities (Southern California Edison, in our case), CCAs have succeeded in lowering and stabilizing electricity rates, offering customers a choice to buy cleaner electricity at competitive prices, and reducing greenhouse gases through the development of a more robust renewable energy infrastructure. All of that adds to the local job market, while allowing programs like DCE to develop energy efficiency programs.

In short, Desert Community Energy will help reduce electric bills while reducing our carbon footprint and investing locally. We’re in charge with DCE.