About Desert Community Energy

Desert Community Energy is the new not-for-profit electricity provider which launched in Palm Springs in April 2020. 

Desert Community Energy is a Community Choice Energy program (also known as, "Community Choice Aggregation") made possible through a collaboration between cities. Community Choice Energy (or Aggregation) programs are legal entities that allow communities to source their own electricity, putting an end the monopolies held by traditional Investor-Owned Utilities. There are dozens of similar programs in operation throughout California, with many more in various stages of development.

CCAs offer customers the choice to buy cleaner electricity at competitive rates, reducing greenhouse gases through development of a robust renewable energy infrastructure. This adds to the local job market, while allowing programs like Desert Community Energy to develop strategies to help customers boost energy efficiency and make clean energy more accessible.

CCAs are unique in that they put people in charge of decisions about their electricity - where it comes from, how much it costs, and how revenue is reinvested locally.

Desert Community Energy is governed by a Board of Directors with equal representation by an elected official from each participating city. Our Community Advisory Committee is comprised of community members from each city to advise the Board on programs, policy, and outreach.  All meetings are open to the public.