Carbon Free

Our default plan: 50% renewable and 100% carbon-free

With DCE’s Carbon Free plan, we are working together to save our planet to create a sustainable resilient community for today and the future generations of tomorrow.

By enrolling the entire City of Palm Springs at 100% carbon-free, the city will reduce it’s carbon footprint by 27% or 118,500 metric tons. No single action by the City of Palm Springs could reduce emissions this much. It would be like replacing all cars in the city with bicycles!

For just a little bit more each month, we hope you’ll join us in going Carbon Free to save our environment. You may also choose to opt down to our Desert Saver plan that is comparable to current SCE rates and energy mix but still supports our locally controlled DCE program. Alternatively, you can also choose to opt out of both plans and keep SCE as your provider.


Opt Up to Carbon Free, our 100% carbon-free product


Opt Down to our
standard product

Or, if you want to stay with SCE’s bundled service, you can opt out here.