Net Energy Metering

DCE customers with solar panels can participate in our Net Energy Metering (NEM) program, which offers the same rates for your excess energy production as SCE. If you are already a net energy metering customer with SCE, you don’t have to do anything. Your account will be automatically enrolled in Desert Community Energy. In Palm Springs, NEM/Solar customers will be enrolled in May 2020. As part of DCE’s NEM program, your system’s energy production will be monitored monthly. If you produce excess energy, you will receive a credit on your bill that can be applied to charges in future months. If you use more energy than your system produces in a given month, you will be charged for the energy you draw from the grid. In Palm Springs, you also have the option of our Carbon Free plan to receive 100% carbon-free electricity and further reduce your carbon footprint.

The following are provisions of the DCE NEM program:

  • Current NEM customers will automatically be enrolled in the DCE Net Energy Metering program.
  • SCE will true-up customers when they are enrolled [in May] regardless of what month they are in their current relevant period. New NEM customers will be trued up the following May.
  • The effective date NEM customers begin service with DCE is also the effective date of the new relevant period for SCE.
  • The relevant period for the DCE side of the bill (generation) will be reset to end on the meter read date in May of each year.
  • DCE electric generation charges will be escrowed and tracked throughout the relevant period, which means customers won’t pay a generation charge until the end of the 12-month relevant period.  This allows customers a full 12 months to net out any generation charges. Customer bills will still report customers credits and debits and provide a running total for easy tracking.
  • At the end of the relevant period NEM accounts will be trued-up.
  • Energy generation credits accrued during the relevant period will be used to offset energy generation charges.
  • Energy charges not offset by energy credits at the time of true-up will be billed to the customer.
  • Any energy credits that exceed energy charges are set to zero for the start of the new relevant period.
  • The amount of excess generation kWh will be paid out at DCE’s Net Surplus Compensation aligned with the current SCE rate.
  • This compensation is for generation side of bill only; delivery side will continue to fall under SCE’s applicable program.
  • New NEM customers will continue to apply through SCE to establish their NEM service before transitioning over to DCE.
  • There is no impact to customers NEM 1.0 grandfathering status by enrolling in DCE NEM service.