Net Energy Metering

If you're a commercial or residential customer with solar panels on your property, thank you for taking the lead by going solar!

Desert Community Energy is launching a Net Energy Metering (NEM) program that will offer the same rates that SCE currently offers.

The following are provisions of the DCE NEM program:

  • Current NEM customers will automatically be enrolled in the DCE Net Energy Metering program.
  • SCE will true-up customers when they are enrolled [in May] regardless of what month they are in their current relevant period.
  • The effective date NEM customers begin service with DCE is also the effective date of the new relevant period for both SCE and DCE.
  • The relevant period for the DCE side of the bill (generation) will be reset to end on the meter read date in May of each year.
  • DCE electric generation charges will be escrowed and tracked throughout the relevant period, which means customers won’t pay a generation charge until the end of the 12-month relevant period.  This allows customers a full 12 months to net out any generation charges. Customer bills will still report customers credits and debits and provide a running total for easy tracking.
  • At the end of the relevant period NEM accounts will be trued-up.
  • Energy generation credits accrued during the relevant period will be used to offset energy generation charges.
  • Energy charges not offset by energy credits at the time of true-up will be billed to the customer.
  • Any energy credits that exceed energy charges are set to zero for the start of the new relevant period.
  • The amount of excess generation kWh will be paid out at DCE’s Net Surplus Compensation aligned with the current SCE rate.
  • This compensation is for generation side of bill only; delivery side will continue to fall under SCE’s applicable program.
  • New NEM customers will continue to apply through SCE to establish their NEM service before transitioning over to DCE.
  • There is no impact to customers NEM 1.0 grandfathering status by enrolling in DCE NEM service.