Opt Out

Palm Springs residents and businesses that are enrolled in Desert Community Energy (DCE) for their electricity generation can choose to opt out and return to SCE bundled service. If you plan to opt out of DCE, you will be given two options.  Option #1:  Opt-out immediately and go back to SCE where you will be placed into SCE’s Transitional Bundled Service (TBS) which could be higher than what you are paying with DCE.  Option #2:  Stay with DCE for at least 6 months until you are placed back into SCE’s regular bundled rates, bypassing SCE’s TBS rates.  If you choose Option #1, SCE will require you to remain on TBS for 6 months, and your service will not be eligible to return to Direct Access service or CCA service until a 12-month commitment has been fulfilled. To learn more and to opt-out, visit www.DesertCommunityEnergy.org/your-options/opt-out/ or call our customer service center at (855) 357-9240 M-F 8am-5pm PST.

If you would like to review current TBS rate schedules, you can visit SCE’s website here: https://www.sce.com/sites/default/files/inline-files/ce221-12.pdf.

Accounts will be transferred on the day the electric meter is read and cannot be transferred during the middle of a billing cycle. Opt-out requests received at least 5 days prior to a customer’s meter read date will be processed for that meter read date; all other opt out requests will be processed on the next meter read date. Customers who opt-out or otherwise stop receiving service from DCE will be charged for all electricity used before ending DCE electric service.

Customers have 3 businesses days to rescind their opt-out. After 3 business days from opting out of DCE, customers are locked into SCE’s Transitional Bundled Service rate.

To opt out, please call (855) 357-9240 or fill out the form below. Have your electric bill handy so that we can help you.


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