Power Sources

Working to secure the cleanest, most cost-effective electricity available.

DCE is committed to securing renewable and carbon free energy sources as part of a portfolio of resources to serve our customers. Renewable energy is carbon free energy that comes from resources that are naturally replenished such as solar, wind and geothermal. Energy produced by large hydroelectric generating plants is also carbon free but is not formally designated as renewable energy.

As DCE builds its generation portfolio, we will have short- and long-term contracts with a variety of power suppliers to meet the energy needs of our community. Generation will be sourced from projects located in California, as well as other points in the western grid. In time, DCE also expects to add renewable generation sourced locally to meet the needs of our customers. The exact proportion of each will vary with time, based on demand and availability.

DCE will provide detailed information to its customers about its power supply resources in its annual Power Source Disclosure statement.

Unlike SCE, Desert Community Energy will never contract for nuclear energy.