DCE offers competitive rates for cleaner, greener power.

At Desert Community Energy, we buy cleaner, greener power from sources that are as close to home as possible, and feed that into the electricity grid. Southern California Edison continues to manage the power lines and infrastructure, and they still provide emergency service and billing.

You’ll continue to receive a single monthly bill, but DCE’s power generation charges will simply replace SCE’s charges.

DCE rates are set annually by our Board of Directors, so you’ll always have a predictable idea of your power generation rates. And you’ll know that your electricity provider is locally managed by community leaders who have your best interests at heart.

Once each year, DCE and SCE will jointly publish a Joint Rate Comparison to indicate how our rates and energy sources compare.

Net Energy Metering Customers

Until a program launch date is announced, Net Energy Metering customers will remain with Southern California Edison. No action is needed.

If you are a commercial or residential customer with solar panels on your property and have been participating in SCE’s Net Energy Metering program, we have good news for you. Desert Community Energy is offering a Net Energy Metering program that will match SCE’s rates for surplus production. And if you purchase additional energy at any point, you can do so at our lower energy rates—3% lower than SCE’s.

If you are already a net energy metering customer with SCE, you don’t have to do anything. Your account will be automatically enrolled in Desert Community Energy’s Net Energy Metering program.

Customers won’t pay any charges due until the end of the 12-month relevant period allowing you to net out any generation charges. As part of DCE’s NEM program, your system’s energy production will be monitored on a monthly basis. If you produce more energy than you consume, you will receive a credit on your bill that can be applied to charges in future months. If you use more energy than your system produces in a given month, you will be charged for the energy you draw from the grid—at lower rates than you currently pay SCE. You also have the option of Opting Up to our Carbon Free service to receive 100% carbon-neutral electricity for the same price you currently pay SCE.

There’s no need to reapply.