DCE will offer competitive rates for cleaner, greener power.

Desert Community Energy will buy cleaner, greener power from sources that are as close to home as possible, and feed them into the electricity grid. (SCE will continue to manage the power lines, infrastructure, billing, and service.)

When you're enrolled in Desert Community Energy, you will continue to receive a single monthly bill, but Desert Community Energy's power generation charges will replace SCE’s charges.

Desert Community Energy rates will be set annually by our Board of Directors, meaning that you’ll have a more predictable idea of your power generation rates. And you’ll know that your electricity provider is locally managed by community leaders who have your best interests at heart.

Each year, Desert Community Energy and SCE will publish a Joint Rate Comparison to indicate how our rates and energy sources compare.

Net Energy Metering Customers

Until a program launch date is announced, Net Energy Metering customers will remain with Southern California Edison. No action is needed at this time. More information will be provided on our Net Energy Metering program as our 2020 launch date approaches.