Your Options

With Desert Community Energy, you have easy options. We’ll automatically enroll you with our rate-saving electricity service. But if you want to go greener or stay with SCE, it’s easy.

DCE’s standard product, Desert Saver, is electricity that will save you money. It has 35% renewable content and 50% carbon-free content, which is higher than what's offered at SCE. Our goal is to make it easy for people to reduce their carbon footprints, so we’re offering Desert Saver at 3% less than SCE’s current rates.

DCE’s premium product, Carbon Free, has a higher renewable content than SCE (at 35%) and is 100% carbon-free. That means a real reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, allowing you to take a much bigger bite out of climate change and air pollution. Our Carbon Free product costs the same amount as a comparable SCE product, but it’s a much healthier choice for our environment.

You can opt to remain with SCE if you like—which means Opting Out of DCE. If you do so, you’ll be paying more for electricity and getting less—and there will be a higher percentage of fossil fuels in the mix.

Wondering about nuclear power? We’ve taken a stand: Desert Community Energy will not enter into any new contracts for nuclear power.

Net Energy Metering Customers

Until a program launch date is announced, Net Energy Metering customers will remain with Southern California Edison. No action is needed.

If you’re a commercial or residential customer with solar panels on your property, don’t worry. Our NEM program means that you can sell your surplus energy back to DCE at the same rates SCE has been offering. And when it’s time to buy electricity, you can get lower rates with Desert Saver, or 100% carbon-neutral electricity with Carbon Free. Look for details here.






Opt up to Carbon Free, our 100% carbon-free product

Opt out to stay with SCE’s bundled service, with lower renewable content and higher rates.