Billing & Rates

At Desert Community Energy our goal is to offer you a choice for cleaner energy at competitive rates. DCE’s rate setting process is intended to be open and transparent to the public. Our rates are set annually by the DCE Board of Directors, your local elected officials who care about your interests, at public meetings where you can have input. DCE rates may be adjusted as needed to remain competitive. One of the benefits of local rate setting and Community Choice Energy is more stable, predictable rates.

DCE 2020 Rate Schedules

You can review our 2020 rate schedules for both residential and commercial (includes other non-residential rates) rates by clicking here or on the buttons below.

DCE & SCE Joint Rate Comparison

As part of our mutual commitment to better serve customers, Desert Community Energy (DCE) and Southern California Edison (SCE) have worked together to provide a comparison of common rates, average monthly charges, and the power sources we provide. Click on the button below to find a representative comparison of our rates, average monthly bills, and power generation portfolio content based on customer class. To find your specific electric rate, please scroll down to your rate plan to view the rate and bill comparisons.