CARE/FERA Enrollment Plan

As part of Desert Community Energy’s (DCE) commitment to saving the planet, the City of Palm Springs has chosen the Carbon Free plan as their default option. This will provide 100% carbon-free energy to the City of Palm Springs. In doing so, this will give residents and businesses within the City the opportunity to lead the way to a greener future for generations to come. CARE, FERA, and Medical Baseline Allowance program customers will automatically be enrolled in the Carbon Free plan as well so they, too, can help save the planet. The good news is CARE customers will be billed at the lower Desert Saver rate, so they will see a savings in their bill. CARE, FERA , and Medical Baseline customers will be able to fight climate change alongside other residents without having to pay more.

Financial Assistance Programs

Financial assistance programs for qualifying low income households offer significant savings on utility bills. Programs such as CARE (California Alternative Rates for Energy), FERA (Family Electric Rate Assistance) and Medical Baseline Allowance are available to Desert Community Energy customers through Southern California Edison (SCE).

If you currently participate in CARE, FERA, or similar financial assistance programs, your status will not change when you're enrolled in Desert Community Energy.

Effective June 1, the California Public Utilities Commission announced new 2020-2021 income guidelines for CARE, FERA and Energy Savings Assistance (ESA) financial assistance programs. Even more customers may now be eligible!

Customers who meet CARE income guidelines receive approximately a 30% discount on their electric bills. CARE customers are also eligible for the ESA program, which helps customers replace old, working appliances, such as refrigerators and air conditioners, with new energy-efficient models at no cost to qualifying customers.

Those who are not eligible for CARE may qualify for FERA, which gives qualified households of three or more about an 18% discount on their electric bills. Both programs have the same application through SCE and do not require additional documentation.

Click here to learn more from the SCE Energized blog.

If you're not currently participating in one of these financial assistance programs, click on the link below to apply and contact SCE for more information:

To apply for CARE or FERA, visit: or call 1-800-477-6620.

To apply for ESA, visit:

To learn more about SCE’s bill assistance programs, visit or call 1-800-736-4777.

For more information on SCE’s COVID-19 response and customer programs, visit: