GO156 Supplier Diversity

DCE conducts outreach to promote the interest of and advocate for diverse suppliers and diverse communities. This is accomplished through adherence with General Order No. 156 (GO 156), the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) supervised voluntary Supplier Diversity Program. GO156 requires CCAs like DCE to establish goals for participation in DCE’s contracting and purchasing by women, minority, disabled veteran, LGBT, or disabled person business entities. The minimum overall goal for 2023 is 22.5%, including a goal of 1% for LGBT owned businesses. Like similar programs in other states, GO156 requires businesses that desire to be recognized in one of these categories to undergo a certification process to verify that the business is at least 51 percent owned and operated by one of the preceding categories. For more information, please contact DCE.

What are the benefits of certification?

  • Provides official recognition of a business’s WMDVLGBTBE status
  • Serves as a conduit to meet private companies and government agencies
  • Offers promotion and visibility to over thirty major IOUs that participate in the CPUC Supplier Diversity Program (GO 156)
  • Provides access to resources, bid information and networking opportunities

Why is Supplier Diversity certification important?

  • IOUs can only include purchases with CPUC certified WMDVLGBTBE suppliers in its annual filings
  • Provides third party verification of ownership/control of businesses and protects both the supplier and the IOU
  • All IOUs use the CPUC Supplier Clearinghouse database when searching for diverse suppliers
  • Local, regional and national referrals of WMDVLGBTBE among IOUs
  • Access to IOUs sponsored educational/business development seminars, workshops, business development trainings etc.

What are the eligibility requirements for certification?

  • At least 51% owned by a WMDVLGBTBE
  • The management and daily business operations are controlled by one or more of those individuals

How long is the certification process?

  • Upon receipt of all the required documents, the process takes approximately 45 to 90 days. Factors that may delay the process include:
    • Missing documents
    • Instances when supplemental/additional documents are required
    • Whether an on-site visit is necessary, or in the case of applicants outside of California, in lieu of an onsite visit, whether a comprehensive telephone interview is necessary

What is the fee for certification?

  • There is no fee for certification.

How long is my certification valid?

  • Up to three years.

Certification vs. Qualification

Certification: a business verified by the Supplier Clearinghouse as a genuine diverse business enterprise.

Qualification: a diverse business that can successfully provide its capabilities that may include (but not limited to), a business plan, credentials, qualifications, and experience to those companies looking to procure products and services.

Visit the Supplier Clearinghouse to learn more about eligibility, see a list of participating utilities, view frequently asked questions, or submit your application online. Information regarding GO156 Economic Opportunities in Environmental and Social Justice Communities can be found here.