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The easiest way to save money on your electricity bill is to reduce your energy usage! We’re here to help you with energy saving tips, resources, and rebates. Don’t forget that you can also opt-down to DCE’s Desert Saver plan to save and click here to learn about our COVID-19 Resources and to find out if you qualify for Financial Assistance. To get started, please click a button below if you are a residential or commercial customer.

Limited Time Offer for DCE Customers

We are excited to share that all DCE customers in Palm Springs are eligible to receive $50 for joining OhmConnect. When you sign up, you'll receive alerts when energy is most expensive and gives off the most pollution. If you save energy during this time, OhmConnect will reward you with gift cards or even cash via PayPal. That's in addition to the savings on your utility bill. it's a win-win! This is a limited time offer with no strings attached and is not a rebate. Click here to learn more and save energy & money today!

Energy Saving Tips To Save Money At Home

Heating, cooling and water heating account for more than half of your home’s energy costs. DCE can help you save money and energy while improving the comfort of your home and reducing your carbon footprint.

1 Light Bulb

Choose energy-saving lighting

Replacing 5 of your home’s most frequently used lights with energy-efficient ENERGY STAR bulbs could save you $75 a year in energy costs.*

2 Thermostat

Install a programmable thermostat

Save an estimated 10 percent per year on heating and cooling costs by using a programmable thermostat.* Set your thermostat to 78 degrees in the warmer months.

3 Shade Home

Use sunlight to your advantage

Choose window treatments that allow you to use natural light while reducing heat loss and gain. Plant trees to create shade and cool your home.

4 Energy Star Appliance

Switch to ENERGY STAR rated products

Using ENERGY STAR certified appliances, fans and electronics throughout your home could save nearly $750 over the lifetime of the products.* 

5 Power Strip

Use an electronic power strip

Help reduce phantom loads – and save up to $100 a year – by plugging electronic devices into a power strip and turn it off when not in use.* 

6 HVAC Filter

Hire a professional to maintain your HVAC

Check and replace your air filters regularly (approximately every 3 months) and arrange for annual summer and winter maintenance with a qualified technician.

7 Save Water

Reduce energy for water heating

Take simple steps – like lowering your water heater’s temperature and installing low-flow showerheads – to reduce your water heating bills.* 

8 Energy Audit

Get a professional home energy audit

Consult a home performance contractor to get a comprehensive audit of your whole and achieve large savings. You can also start with a Do-It-Yourself audit.

9 Clock

Power down between 4pm to 9pm

From 4 to 9pm, energy demand is high, and less wind & solar power is available. Turn off and unplug devices during these hours to ensure you’re using clean energy.

*Source: U.S. Department of Energy

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