Desert Community Energy is a not-for-profit, publicly managed electricity provider that works for you.

DCE is a Community Choice Energy program, similar to nearly a twenty other CCEs that have been operating successfully across California for years. The idea is catching on all over the state and nation because the benefits to communities are so clear.

  • CHOICE—For the first time, CCEs offer electricity customers a choice in who provides their electricity, how much they pay for it, and how clean it is.
  • LOWER, MORE CONSISTENT RATES—DCE offers rates that are lower than SCE’s current rates. And while other utilities may seek rate adjustments at any time, our rates will be examined only once each year, for more predictable bills.
  • LOCAL CONTROL—Our Board of Directors is comprised of elected officials from each participating city. They set the rates and determine how much we rely on renewable energy sources, with the well-being of the Coachella Valley's residents and businesses in mind.
  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT—We keep revenues right here to support our communities, rather than supporting electricity company shareholders. They’re used to create jobs, energy efficiency programs, and to develop more local renewable energy sources close to home.
  • FOCUS ON RENEWABLE RESOURCES—You have the option to buy cleaner, greener electricity with fewer greenhouse gases at competitive prices, improving air quality and helping our cities achieve their climate action goals.
  • COMPETITION—CCEs end the monopoly that utility companies have had on electricity in California, providing customer choice and increasing the benefits of healthy innovation and competition.
  • SPECIAL PROGRAMS STILL IN PLACE—If you’ve been participating in a special rate program, such as FERA, Medical Baseline, Level Pay or Summer Discounts, they’ll still be offered. There’s no need to reapply. And DCE will be working on special programs of its own for the benefit of our customers, so stay tuned.
  • NET ENERGY METERING—if you have solar panels on your roof, you’ll still be able to sell your excess production back to DCE. And our purchase rates may be just a little more favorable than what you’ve been used to.

How do we do it?

Desert Community Energy’s Board of Directors developed this program with you in mind. We’re always trying to do what’s best for our community members. If you have a great idea, come to one of our upcoming Board meetings and let us know about it.