Customer Testimonials

Desert Community Energy works with industry experts to secure the cleanest, lowest-cost electricity contracts available.

“As a full-time Palm Springs resident, I know all too well how much more electricity we use in the summer. I’m choosing Desert Community Energy because I know they are committed to finding rate savings for their customers by prioritizing local, renewable energy resources. You can go green and save green at the same time.”
David Freedman

Palm Springs resident

“Desert Community Energy (DCE) is a game changer in our fight against climate change. It will replace the dirty fossil fueled electricity we now use with clean renewable power. With this program, we will automatically get 50% of our electricity from carbon free energy sources. Plus, for a few extra dollars, we can choose 100% carbon free electricity. I'm opting in for 100%. It's about time.”
Ellen Lockert

Founder, Climate Action PS

“Being in the renewable energy space, I am very excited about Desert Community Energy. Similar programs in other regions have created jobs in renewables and added funds for the cities to reinvest in the community for sustainable projects such as more accessible EV charging stations. In addition, for those in the community who are not candidates for solar, such as renters and the few whose homes are not condusive for solar, they will be able to ask for and get electricity from a renewable power source. I think this is great, and hopefully just the start.”
Nate Otto

President of Hot Purple Energy